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Melvin's Nemenio Home Design and Furniture Design

Melvin's Nemenio Home Design and Furniture Design

Designing is more than a hobby for me. It’s a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life. In this album, I’ve assembled some of my designs when i start creating real product items.

Home design is a very close to heart subject for many home owners. A home is place where we relax and spend our lives. A home protects us from natural environment so that we can live a healthy life. The true success of a home design project is very difficult to define. Since a home is dream for many people it can vary from person to person what a good home design is for him/her.

Do you dream to make your home enticing? Then avail the services Melvin Home Design. Looking for low cost home decorator in Cebu but quality services? Then email now and inquire Home Designing Services.

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  1. Lovely designs! I’m more about DIY Renovation myself, but I’ve always been inspired by creative interior designs as well. Keep up the good work!

    -Kelli J.R.

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