Obra Negosyo Eskwela countryside enterprise business upliftment (o.n.e. c.e.b.u.)

Obra Negosyo Eskwela countryside enterprise business upliftment (o.n.e. c.e.b.u.)


The ONE CEBU is a collaboration of Province of Cebu MSME Council (PC MSMEC), the MandaueChamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and some participating Cebu-based Universities andColleges offering business and management courses. The overarching goal of the program is thedevelopment of Cebu’s Provincial countryside micro and small enterprises.


The partnership is primarily aimed at partnering selected existing country-side micro and small enterprisesof the Province of Cebu with students from the different participating Cebu-based Universitiesand Colleges offering business and management courses in order for the entrepreneurs to be assistedby the students in planning and organizing the enterprises’ operations and processes, marketing andfinancial concerns, among others.


The Philippine government promotes entrepreneurship as embodied in RA 9501, otherwise known asthe “Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). In its declaration of policy, thelaw articulates that the “State shall recognize the specific needs of the MSMEs and shall undertake topromote entrepreneurship, support entrepreneurs, encourage the establishments of MSMEs andensure their continuing viability and growth and thereby attain countryside industrialization . . . “The discipline of entrepreneurship as a subject or a degree is offered by universities and collegesoffering business and management courses. Most of these courses complement the classroom learningmethod with the “practicum” or the “on-the-job” experience which allow students the opportunitiesto be immersed and to observe real world business operations.Encouraging country-side entrepreneurship is one of the major thrusts of the current administration ofthe Province of Cebu. Similarly, the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry has one of itscorporate social responsibility projects extending assistance to micro and small entrepreneurs.The partnerships between the various participating universities and the selected countryside entrepreneursare seen to benefit all parties since the students will be exposed to, and allowed to act asconsultants to the partner-entrepreneurs and in the process learn from the interaction with the entrepreneurs.Likewise the entrepreneurs enjoy the assistance of the students, and indirectly the assistancefrom the students’ mentors and faculty.The school-enterprise partnerships shall likewise profit from the technical assistance and support fromthe Province of Cebu MSME Council and the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce and Industry, theseorganizations being the project administrators.









1. The third and final round shall be a presentation of the enterprise/cluster business plan withthe goal of making sure, among others, that:a. the business and operational stability are established;b. the markets and linkages are determined; and,c. production/service capabilities are in place.

2. The business plan will incorporate the relevant inputs from the comments and suggestions ofthe judges during the first and second rounds. For the individual enterprise, the suggested businessplan headings format is found on Appendix A. For the cluster or enterprise, the suggested businessplan are tailored fit for the nuances of the different projects.

3. The business plan shall include in its financial presentation the cash flows over a determinedtime frame on how the potential Cebu Province grant of Php100,000.00 (for individual enterprise)and Php200,000 (for the cluster/industry) may be reasonably utilized in tranches to pursue the plansof developing and expanding the business.

4. The third presentation and defense shall be on March 14, 2011 at the Cebu InternationalConvention Center (CICC), Mandaue City. Assembly time of participants is at 9:00 am and thepresentations shall commence by 10:00 am and end by 5:00 pm.

5. There shall only be one venue for the presentation of both the individual enterprises and thecluster/industry businesses. Participating teams may invite their constituents to watch and learn fromthe presentations as well as to provide them moral support.

6. There will still be two sets of judges assigned for the individual enterprise and thecluster/industry businesses.

7. The presentations shall be interspersed such that two (2) individual enterprises presentationswill be followed by one (1) cluster/industry business, and so on. All eight (8) judges shall listen tothe presentations, but only the respective judges assigned to individual enterprises and thecluster/industry businesses may ask questions accordingly.

8. The order of the presentation shall be drawn by lots.

9. All of the five (5) team members shall seat on the presentation table, and are expected to presenttheir report in a demonstrable teamwork approach.

10. The presenting groups are expected to prepare an audio-visual production to facilitate theirpresentation.

11. The maximum presentation time is 10 minutes. Counting shall commence the moment one ofthe presentors begins his/her part or when the AVP begins to roll.

12. Interpellation follows after the presentation. The judges shall take turns in asking clarificatoryand assessment questions relevant to the presentation. The allocated time for interpellation is 10minutes.

13. Any one of the team members may answer the questions, but only one member of the teamanswers a question at a time.

14. If the need arises, the team is free to consult or seek clarification from their college/universityand/or MCCI mentors, but this consultation time shall be limited up to one (1) minute per question.Only the members of the team may answer the questions.

15. This final report shall comprise 50% of the total weight for judging of the ONE CEBU businessplan contest.


Cluster Category Winners:

1st Prize: UV – Tabogon

2nd Prize: STC – Argao

3rd Prize: UC Banilad – Carmen

Individual Category Winners:

1st Prize: UC Banilad-Sogod

2nd Prize: UP-Aloguinsan

3rd Prize: UV-Dalaguete

4th Prize: USJR – Boljoon

5th Prize: Benedicto College – Pilar


Obra Negosyo Eskwela 2010-2011 winners

Obra Negosyo Eskwela 2010-2011 winners




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