Mandaue Chamber Badminton Challenge 2011

Mandaue Chamber Badminton Challenge 2011

Displaying good sportsmanship isn't always 
easy: It can be tough to congratulate the 
opposing team after losing a close or 
important game. Good sportsmanship is when
 teammates,opponents, coaches,and officials
 treat each other with respect.
The game of badminton empha­sizes good 
sportsmanship,expressed through certain 
playing courtesies. It is expected that you
will be friendly to and respectful of your 
opponent and gracious whether winning or 
In addition, here are some specific 
courtesies expected from those who play

1. Introduce yourself to your partner and to your opponents 
before the match. Be sure to shake hands after the match.

2. While warming up, help your opponent's warm-up as well;
don't kill every stroke.

3. If there is any question on whether you have fouled,
 call it on yourself.

4. When you are in doubt about whether a shuttle landed
 in or out, always give the benefit of the doubt to your opponent or
 replay the point.

5. Never question your opponent's calls.

6. While at times during a match you may want to aim a smash
 at your opponent, do not do it if you can get the point any other way. 
If you have a setup,hit it somewhere else in the court.

7. Control your anger. Never throw your racket.

8. Never deride or make fun of an opponent.

9. As the server, keep the score and call it before each serve,
calling the server's score first.

10. When your opponent is serving and a shuttle lands out of bounds on
 your side of the court, pick it up and hit it back, or toss it under
 the net to the server.

11. Compliment your opponent on any good shots made.

12. Do not offer advice or criticism to your partner or your opponents.

13. Bring your share of shuttle­cocks to every practice and game.

14. Keep up the play. Do not stall between points.

15. Do not talk to your partner during a rally except when you are
 directing tactics, as in "I've got it" or "You're up."

16. If you are receiving, be ready to return the shuttle as soon 
as the server
 is ready to serve.

The summer heat is calling you to play and sweat it all out!
MCCI Badminton Challenge 2011 ENTRY FORM

MCCI Badminton Challenge 2011 ENTRY FORM


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