iLearners inc.

iLearners inc.

“For every 10 Filipino children who start their primary education, only 6 go on continue with their secondary education, and only 4 manage to continue to college. With the aim to help in solving this alarming status of education in the country, an organization was founded, iLearners. The iLearners Inc. is a SEC-registered charitable movement. Young professionals grouped together and moved towards extending their helping hands to areas that are mostly not reached by big institutions.”

iLearners Incorporated, on its 3rd year, had been helping kids from the rural baranggays with their elementary studies through giving school supplies and support through building mini libraries and painting their school walls.

i Share. i Give. i Help. i Learn



iLearn Foundation….where we can have fun helping kids to have a better future they deserve.


iLearners Inc., a SEC-registered NGO founded by a group of young professionals who had been helping kids in their elementary education from the rural baranggays of Cebu is chosen to be featured on one of the leading TV talk/magazine show of the ABS-CBN Cebu Network station, MagTV Na!


iLearners Inc.’s mission is to generate and distribute resources that will support, enrich and enhance educational opportunities for all students in the rural areas and encourage teachers to implement innovative educational programs. The iLearners’ Incorporators and Board of Trustees recognize that this is best accomplished by a combined commitment and collaboration with the rural school district, the rural school board, volunteers and other organizations in the community.


iLearners are dedicated in supporting, enriching and enhancing the learning experience of all students in the rural areas, where illiteracy is of a great number, investing its resources in education and youth, eliminating illiteracy one at a time.

With these commitments and dedications, the iLearners Inc. would like to ask for your kind assistance to support the students from the rural barangays with their elementary studies through giving school supplies and support through building mini libraries and painting their school walls and other outreach activities.

Any amount or support in kind given to us will be highly appreciated. If you have some questions or want to keep in touch with iLearners Inc. for pledges or other inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Daryl ‘Drake’ Cataluña  (0922)8946613

President, iLearners Inc.,

OFFICIAL iLearners Inc. Video clip “lets be inspired”

A yearly tradition, iLearners reach out to more than 300 rural primary students in the barangays of Carcar and Asturias.We are calling at your kind hearts and join us in our fight against rural illiteracy.

iLearners “Brighter Future” Project is a yearly activity of the members of iLearners Inc. wherein we give out school supplies to the students of Lunas Elementary School Carcar and Kaluangan Elementary School Asturias.

We would be needing:

300 pieces of the following
1. Notebooks
2. Brown Envelopes
3. Plastic Envelope
4. Pad Papers
5. Pencils
6. Ballpen
7. Eraser
8. Sharpener
9. Crayons
10. Rulers
11. Paste
12. Scissors
13. Art Paper
14. Drawing Book
15. Spelling Book

Teachers Supplies:
8 boxes Chalk
8 Erasers
Visual Aids
Bond Papers
8 Boxes Pencils
24 Red Ballpens
24 Black Ballpens
24 Blue Ballpens
6 Black Pentel Pens
rolls of manila Paper
rolls of white cartolina

BRIGHTER FUTURE (Opening of Classes) Schedules

A.) Kaluangan Asturias –Date: June 05, 2010, Sunday (Chairman: Jheilord Alarde)

B.) Lunas Elementary School:  June 12, 2010, Sunday (Chairman: Connie Octaviano)

For your donations you can contact:
Drake Cataluna, President – 0922.894.6613
Doyzkie Buenaviaje, Founder -0917.300.3739

Check us out online for more info and interactions:

Website: (under construction)
Facebook Fan Page: iLearners Inc. (For Fans, Donors, Sponsors and For Everyone)
Facebook Group: iLearnersInc. Foundation (For Registered Members Only)
Facebook Group Convergys Chapter:iLearners Inc (Convergys Chapter)
Email:  Contact No: 09228946613

  1. Thank you for this post Cy, thank your for being part of iLearners Inc. family,your presence is such a blessing to everyone and to the kids we are helping. Godspeed. ^_^

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