“All civilizations started in rivers.” Now that we are urbane what have we done to our rivers???

SAVE Butuanon Watershed

SAVE Butuanon Watershed

Before we were able to present solutions, we had to know the existing problems that the river has. All most all rivers had the same problems: pollution. The river was considered biologically dead and it all you can see was a product of exploitation to the river over the years. New developments contributed to the devastation of the river and it is evident on the color of the river’s water that was already mixed with chemicals that were unfiltered and directly thrown into the river.

We did a site visit and even walked along the river bank. It was exhausting, yet it develops a self awareness to those participants.


The Butuanon River runs through Cebu City and Mandaue City, Province of Cebu. From the mountainous areas of Cebu City to the Mactan Channel, the river’s main channel is about 10 kilometres long. The upper watershed is characterized by grassy, deforested mountain which patches of agricultural activity and quarrying. The lower part of the river passes through residential, commercial and industrial areas.

The Butuanon River was classified as class D water body since the year 2000. This means it can be used for agriculture, irrigation, livestock and industrial Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Due to population growth, increase of industries and weak environmental laws implementation, the Butuanon River has evolved to be a highly polluted river. Most of the river banks, especially in Mandaue City, have been occupied by informal settlers. Because of inadequate  or no sanitary facilities of local residents, the river has become the local conduit  for sanitary purposes. Solid waste is indiscriminately dumped into the river. Untreated domestic and industrial wastewater is also discharged into the river.

Barangays of Mandaue City within the Butuanon watershed:

  1. Tingub
  2. Casuntingan
  3. Canduman
  4. Maguikay
  5. Ibabao-Estancia
  6. Cabancalan
  7. Tabok
  8. Umapad
  9. Tawason
  10. Paknaan

Barangays of Cebu City within the Butuanon watershed:

  1. Agsungot
  2. Sirao
  3. Malubog
  4. Budla-an
  5. Pit-os
  6. Bacayan
  7. Binaliw
  8. Guba
  9. Busay
  10. San Jose
  11. Pulangbato
  12. Talamban

An Interpretative Trail by Wheel

STOP1 – Zipline at Barangay Busay

–          view of Butuanon River head waters; urban sprawl

STOP2 – Barangay Bonbon Junction

–          view of Malubog catchment: Butuanon Watershed

STOP3 – Along road near entrance Barangay Babag Elem. School

–          view of a V shape of a watersheds of Central Cebu (ManangaWatershed)

STOP4 – Kan – Irag Nature Park

–          view of  the 2 watersheds of Central Cebu (Mananga, Kotkot)

STOP5 – Kan – Barangay Sirao

–          view of  Mandaue through the canyon; slumping hillside

STOP6 – Agsungot National High School

–          view of  a Butuanon River tributary

STOP7 – Pulangbato Bridge

–          view of gabion dams,quarry areas, Butuanon River

STOP8 – Del Rio Subdivision

–          view of riparian zone use; water quality

STOP9 – Greenhills Subdivision

–          view of main Butuanon river and riparian zone

STOP10 – Umapad landfill

–          view of the dumpsite, Materials Recovery area, river



MCCI Butuanon Trek

MCCI Butuanon Trek






butuanon river ocular team

butuanon river ocular team



Butuanon River at Pulang Bato View

Butuanon River at Pulang Bato View

butuanon river at Umapad Mandaue

butuanon river at Umapad Mandaue

butuanon river at Umapad Mandaue with children

butuanon river at Umapad Mandaue with children


butuanon river at Umapad Mandaue with styro

butuanon river at Umapad Mandaue with styro


I have observe that compared to the headwater in Butuanon River in Pulangbato, Cebu City, the river in Umapad Mandaue is blackish. Let us do something plan ang long term solution and together we can make a difference in a single action that we can share. LET US SAVE BUTUANON RIVER…





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