Who will be the crowned as the fairest of them all? The 60th Miss Universe

Posted: September 13, 2011 in eVeNtS SeRvIcEs
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Miss Universe 2011

Miss Universe 2011

The 60th Miss Universe beauty pageant will be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil at September 12, 2011 at the Credicard Hall. This will be the night when the current beauty queen, Miss Mexico’s Ximena Navarrete will be turning over her crown to her successor. This is also the event with the highest number of countries participating, with eighty-nine countries sending their representatives. This has surpassed the record achieved last 2006, when eighty-six countries participated in the pageant. Which country will achieve the honor and glory of having the world’s most beautiful remains to be seen, so the competition will be intense.

Watch 2011 Miss Universe Live Stream this September 12, 2011 held from the beautiful city of São Paulo, Brazil. Witness the 60th Miss Universe beauty pageant with 89 most alluring candidates from around the world parade in their Evening Gown and Swimsuit.
The contest began last 1952, when the contest was founded by the Pacific Mills clothing company. Later on it was acquired by Kayser-Roth, and then by Gulf and Western Industries. In 1996, Donald Trump acquired the organization. Two years later, he had the name changed from Miss Universe, Inc. to Miss Universe Organization. Trump also brought in a new team of professional, headed by the pageant’s CEO, Molly Miles, and its president Maureen Reidy. Part of the pageant’s reinvention is the use of the slogan “Reinvented for Today” for all its promotions. Currently, the pageant’s president is Paula Shugart. The organization also sells television rights of the pageant to television companies all over the world.

Candidates for the pageant are usually selected through national pageants held in their respective countries, although that is not the norm. In other countries, a candidate can be selected through a “casting call” organized by a modeling agency. Of course, the Miss Universe Organization discourages such practice, as the more traditional approach of a national competition is more apt for the international event. Still, some factors, like political unrest, conflict of schedules, among other things will result to a country designating a young woman to become their representative.

The Miss Universe event, as said by its organizers, is not just a beauty pageant. Beauty is not the only requirement for women who wish to become the next Miss Universe. They must be intelligent, well-mannered, as well as cultured. They must also be able to represent the spirit of their respective countries. Oftentimes, candidates who fail the reach the crown are those who are unable to answer the final question given near the end of event.

Who will be the crowned as the fairest of them all? That remains to be seen on September 12 coronation night. Still, only one thing is for sure: this will be one unforgettable night for the whole world.


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