YES (Your Event Show) present Dinosaurs Alive 2012

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Dinosaurs Alive 2012

Dinosaurs Alive 2012

Dinosaurs Alive will also introduce audiences to the breakthrough discoveries taking place under the towering red sandstone buttes and rock chimneys in northern New Mexico. Since the 1940s, AMNH scientists have uncovered excellent specimens at the mysterious Ghost Ranch, where erosion has cut down through the many levels of sediment to expose fossils of the earliest dinosaurs from the

Triassic Period, some 230 million years ago. At that time reptiles still ruled the earth and dinosaurs were actually modest in size — no larger than a cat, dog, or human. Dinosaurs exploded in diversity and size during the later Jurassic Period. Scientists have recently discovered a “monster” buried near Ghost Ranch. It was a long-necked sauropod calledSeismosaurus — meaning ‘thunder lizard’ — that was a massive 121 feet long. In the film, audiences will witness this behemoth thundering about on screen, in stark contrast to the more diminutive Triassic dinosaurs.

Your Events Show Plus Corporation (Y.E.S) presents 

Dinosaurs Alive 2012

on January 12 – February 1m 2012 at SM CITY CEBU Trade Hall

Kindly call 254-9643 or 239-1856 for more information or txt 09156298559 or 09228908992 look for Cyruz.

  1. jomar says:

    dili kaha makuyawan ang mga bata ani… pero morag nice ni nga event da!

  2. barbie says:

    sadly it was disappointing… the one held years back was for me better.. even the kids i brought with me were not at all amazed. the event was poorly set up

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