Cebu City emergency numbers provides a lot of help not only to the locals but also to the tourists visiting the city. The important numbers ofCebuinclude that of hospitals, ambulance, police and fire department. These numbers are of great help at times of emergencies within the city. One has to place his/her call and they will be at the door step in the fastest possible time. Some of the emergency service providers ofCebufunctions 24 hours in a day.

Given below are some of the emergency numbers of Cebu City:

CebuFire Departments: (63) 32-2560541, 160

Police: Mobile Patrol (Carbon,CebuCity)-(63) 32-2548635, LapuLapu Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation-(63) 32-3402994, 166

Mactan-CebuInternationalAirport: +6332 340-2486

Ambulance: 161

Rescue: 117

CebuCar Hire: (+6332) 341-5797

In case of health emergency, one can call at the following health care centers for quick assistance:

CebuDoctors Hospital: +6332 253-7511; +6332 253-7516

St. Vincent General Hospital-: +032 254-4206/ 253-8296

Mactan Community Hospital: +6332 340-3721; +6332 340-3728

Sacred Heart Hospital-Cebu: +032 254-1841

CebuVelez GeneralHospital: +6332 253-1871; +6332 253-1879

VicenteSottoMemorialMedicalCenter: +6332 255-1591

Chong Hua Hospital: +6332 254-1416

It’s important to know the basic… ignorance is not a valid excuse …


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