Les Miserables in Cebu Cultural Center on March 16,2012

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Les Miserables in Cebu Cultural Center

Les Miserables in Cebu Cultural Center

This is the vision of the Provincial Government of Cebu and the Philippine Exhibits and Themeparks Corporation (PETCO) as they prepare to open the Cebu Cultural Center (CCC) on March 16, 2012.

The Summary of Les Miserables

Les Miserables is a story of Jean Valjean, an escaped convict whose life is transformed and turned toward goodness by an act of Christian charity. It is also a history of Hugo’s time. With wealth of social and philosophical commentary, the work is an eloquent plea for social reform.

Jean Valjean was released after nineteen years in prison. He had been sentenced to a term of five years because he stole a loaf of bread to feed his starving sister and family. Jean’s sentenced was increased because of his attempts to escape. During his imprisonment, he astonished others by his exhibitions of unusual physical strength.

Freed at last, he started out on foot for a distant part of the country. Innkeepers refused him food and lodging because his yellow passport revealed that he was an ex-convict. Finally, he came to the house of Bishop of Digne, a saintly man, who treated him graciously, fed him, and gave him a bed. During the night Jean stole the Bishop’s silverware and fled. The incident was reported , and the policemen immediately captured him with the stolen goods. Without any censure, the priest did not only give him what he had stolen, but also added his silver candlesticks to the gift. The Bishop told the gendermes that those silverware were given to Jean as present. So, the astonished gendermes let the prisoner go. Alone with the Bishop, Jean was confounded by the churchman’s attitude; though, the Bishop asked only that he should use the silver as means of living an honest life.

In Cebu Cultural Center Lahug, Cebu City on March 16,2012.

Play Dates:
March 16 – Opening Night     – 7pm
March 17 – Matinee           – 3pm
–  Gala             – 7pm
March 18 – Matinee           – 3pm

Tickets Available at the following office:

One Cebu Expo office – 512-6431
Governor’s Office         –  2533766/2535642
Tourism Office              – 2533766/2535642
Museo Sugbo                 – 2395626
MCCI                                 – 4202252

Tickets Rate:

March 16,2012
Opening Night (Gala)
Deluxe – Php 800
Standard – Php 500

March 17, 2012
VIP – Php 1,000
Deluxe- Php 800
Standard – Php 500
Matinee – Students Only – Php 100

March 18,2012
VIP – Php 600
Deluxe – Php 400
Standard – Php 300

  1. lapiskamay says:

    the price is quite high. but its good to know their will be a quality theater show in Cebu.

  2. rio delizo says:

    i am part of the cast mister @lapiskamay and i assure you – it will be a spectacular show.

  3. Dominic says:

    are they gonna show the whole play or just sing selected songs…i just hope its gonna be the whole play!! if they will just sing the songs…i’d rather watch the 25th anniv concert… but still, its good to know that Cebu will portray the legendary musical of all time!!! GO LES MIZZ!!!! :DD

  4. Dave says:

    FYI. It will be a Musical play. Not a concert. =) Go Cebu!

  5. tsiniloiv says:

    by the way; who are the actors and actresses??? I mean from what school or place???

  6. bugnaw says:

    are they selling merchandize at the venue ?

  7. haxielle says:

    u would like to have tickets for sunday…good for two please..STANDARD please…no discounts?.

  8. where can i buy tickets?? 🙂 will be watching this sunday…

  9. tazgriffin says:

    Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow @ 3PM. I’m positive they’ll meet my expectations knowing that this is Cebu.

  10. tazgriffin says:

    I was able to watch the play yesterday. No questions about their voices, costumes and props. I was just concerned on the mics of some of the cast members. They were dysfunctional. I know it happens on a live performance but if we can minimize it next time that would be great. Also, to the technical team, if they can be more attentive as to when the mic should be turned on an off. That would be great.

    Kudos to Gavroche and young Cosette. They were fabulous!

    I can’t wait to watch another play. Miss Saigon maybe? Yes? 🙂

  11. mjeerocks says:

    thank you so much for watching our show. 🙂

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