MCCI Basketball Playoffs 2012

MCCI Basketball Playoffs 2012

The Mandaue Chamber of Commerce & Industry is organizing a Basketball tournament dubbed as MCCI Playoffs 2012 – a friendly tournament among its members to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship. This event also hopes to increase awareness of the physical and health benefits of engaging in sports for employees and businessmen.

The opening ceremony and first game of the MCCI Playoffs 2012 shall be on June 17, 2012, 8:00 am (Sunday) and Championship shall be on July 1, 2012 (Sunday).  Official venue is the Mandaue City Sports Complex, Mandaue City.

Registration fee is PhP 6,000 per team for MCCI members and PhP 7,000 for none members.

A rebate of Php1,000 shall be given to the team having a complete attendance of the members and their muse during the opening ceremony. 

Cash and trophies/medals will be given to the Champion and 1st place team winners.  Also to be given awards are Best in Uniform and Best Muse.

We hope that you can participate in this event.  This will give your companies public mileage and offer a chance to your employees to engage in a worthwhile endeavour that will boost their productivity.

 If you have further questions or clarifications please feel free to contact the MCCI Secretariat at (032) 420-2232, (032) 420.252 and kindly look for Mr. Cyruz T. Honoridez. You may also email him at


  1. All participating teams shall have at least 12 players but not more than 20 in their official line-up.
  2. All participating teams shall have a muse. The team having a complete attendance of the members and the muse will receive a rebate of Php 1000 from their registration fee.
  3. The tournament will be using the CeSaFI sanctioned amateur rules in basketball. However, the game shall be played in four (4) quarters at 10 minutes per quarter only or for a total of 40 minutes for the entire ball game.
  4. The short tournament shall be divided into four (4) brackets and will be using the double KNOCKOUT SYSTEM rule. Therefore, if a team loses in the first game they still have the chance to play for the second time. If the team wins both games they will have the chance to play for championship game.
  5. Game schedule and/or pairing shall be pre-drawn by the Organizing Committee.
  6. Only players with the complete official team’s uniform shall be allowed to play. “NO UNIFORM, NO PLAY.” Appropriate jersey numbers must be indicated at the back of the jersey.
  7. All players are required to have short fingernails when playing. This is to avoid hurting another player during the game.
  8. Players who start, provoke, or initiate a fight shall be automatically thrown out of the game. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
  9. Complaints against the officiating/ game official and/ or any clarification on a questionable call of the on- going game shall be directed only to the Table officials. It shall be evaluated and referred to the Technical Committee only, if necessary.
  10. Only the Team Captains are allowed to ask for clarification, verify a point, make a formal complaint against the officiating referee and/ or place the game under protest in behalf of the team during or after the game. However, this shall be done with respect and utmost courtesy and in a diplomatic way.
  11. Two (2) technical fouls in a game would mean automatic banishment of a player from the playing court.
  12. During the game, the decision of the Officiating referee is final. Only questions and protest on decisions involving TECHNICALITIES shall be entertained by the Technical Committee. Therefore, JUDGMENT CALLS made by the officiating referee is final unless otherwise, reversed by the same official who made the call.
  13. BETTING before or during the game is strictly prohibited.
  14. Minimum of five (5) players is required for every game. If below 5 players showed up for the team during game time, the game is forfeited in favor of the complete team. A 15-minute grace period will be given to the incomplete team before a formal game forfeiture is declared.

NOTE: All contestants must bring one (1) Basketball.



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